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Water tank for plants L'Assoiffée Terre

Water tank for plants L'Assoiffée Terre

Water tank for plants.


Thirsty Earth.



L'Assoiffée is a glass bottle recycled into a water tank for plants.


A drip system that allows your plant to drink as it wishes for a maximum of one month.


But it will also depend on the water needs of your plant.


It is Economic because it is the plant which drinks according to these needs.


Ecological because I recycle glass (glass is 100% recyclable).


Solidarity because for each Assoiffée I donate 1st to the Association "Juste Un Geste" which helps the most deprived in Lyon. (




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To transform this bottle into a water tank, it requires several steps:


-The 1st is to clean and remove all labels and dirt from the bottle.


- Once dry, I move on to the delicate stage of warming up because this type of glass is very capricious to temperature differences and you have to be delicate and patient.


- Once warmed up, I melt the glass and blow to give it a round shape.


- To finish I sand the end of the Assoiffée to prevent it from being sharp.


Then I pack it carefully to send it to you ^^)


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From artisanal production, the shapes and length of the bottles may vary.


The Thirsty must be planted in the ground otherwise it won't work.

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Possibility to pick up the order at the Folies Douces shop,

75 Ascent of the Grande Côte 69001 Lyon.



Handcrafted and Made In LYON


Thank you for your visit °)


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