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Galaxy necklace 3 planets.

Galaxy necklace 3 planets.

Galaxy necklace 3 planets.


⭐I offer you the Universe to show you that there is no limit to the love I have for you.⭐


A unique Galactic Talisman as a portal to a new world to contemplate the universe with your feet on the ground, your head in the stars and the Milky Way within reach.


The Planet is an Opal stone and the stars are silver dust that I incorporated using a fuming technique.


It took me a lot of research to find the perfect materials to create this Galaxy necklace, each piece is unique and handmade with love.


This necklace is a real jewel that will bring a touch of magic and mystery to your outfit, perfect for lovers of astronomy and the beauty of the universe.




The colors change depending on the brightness, because the glass lights up in the light.


This jewelry was carefully made by hand using a technique of spinning and blowing glass with a blowtorch then annealed in the oven at 560° for optimum strength, associated with the lightness of the glass which is as solid as stone.


The Galaxy Necklace is an exceptional piece of jewelry, perfect for astronomy enthusiasts and star lovers. It is made with high quality materials to ensure long-term durability and shine.


Give it as a unique gift to show your infinite love to someone special in your life.

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The Galaxy is associated with a 925 Gold silver necklace.


Length of the silver necklace: 45cm


Galaxy Diameter: 2.3cm


thickness: 1cm


The Galaxy is as solid as a glass marble and light.


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I invite you to consult my you tube page:

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If this creation is no longer available, I can take inspiration from it and you can ask me by email:


Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back* and one-year warranty!

(return costs are your responsibility)


Thank you for your visit°)


Artisanal and Made in Lyon.


Sillycat Glassblower

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