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Custom Galaxy Bracelet

Custom Galaxy Bracelet

Bracelet  Custom Galaxy ✨


✨ Delay: 1 to 2 months for the realization ✨


"I would offer you the universe to show you that there is no limit to the love I have for you.


Because we each have our universe,


I propose to you to realize a galaxy which corresponds to the Universe of your choice.


You have the choice:


✨ Colors (blue, light blue, red, orange, pink, purple, green, yellow, gold, black, white..)


✨Two colors maximum

 ✨ A background (one color or black for a galaxy with a minimum diameter of 15 mm)


✨ Planet Moon or Multicolor Black (these are Gilson opal stones)


✨   From the diameter of the galaxy (from 10 to 22 _cc7819035-95cde-6mm-bad)


✨From the Bracelet  which is associated with it:


✨ Braided black cord, adjustable in length by a sliding system.

 ( give me the diameter of the wrist and to measure it just go around the wrist with a thread and measure the length of the thread).



✨ Stainless steel chain , Gold or silver, adjustable in length by a sliding system.


✨ If you want an additional   or 4 planets, I invite you to contact me  by email:,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-18_bad5cf5 for that I can send you a quote. 


I would take inspiration from the colors chosen to create your milky way.


You can also tell me a galaxy that I have already made,

it cannot be identical because they are all unique but I can take it as a model.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------

✨ Once the galaxy is done, I'll send you by email   a photo of the realization for your approval.


You also have the possibility of choosing the name of your galaxy which will be a symbol for you, it will be written inside its case, (I OFFER YOU THE UNIVERSE.).


✨For each order, I need 1 to 2 months of delays.✨



You have the option of pay in 4 installments the order via paypal. 



✨ My creations are meticulously handmade in my workshop in Lyon,

By a technique of spinning and blowing glass with a blowtorch then Annealed in the oven at 560° for optimum solidity, Combined with the lightness of glass which is as solid as stone.


The Galaxy is as solid as a glass marble.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------


Do not hesitate to contact me directly be   by Mail: or by phone at: 

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

Satisfied or refunded*:


*return costs are your responsibility.

*shipping costs and credit card costs are not reimbursed

(paypal 2.9%+0.35e, stripe 1.4% +0.25e),

*20% will not be refunded as this takes into account my investment.

*this only applies to bespoke creations.


✨14 days to change your mind.


✨ 1 year warranty.


Thank you for your visit°)


Sillycat Glassblower



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