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Galaxy Earrings

Galaxy Earrings

Galaxie earring N ° 60/61

Unives Earring N ° 60 /


  "To listen to your world"   


  You won't find it anywhere else because this pair of earrings is unique just like you.


  Inspired by our Milky Way which is so mysterious,

  poetic  and which represents the very essence of our existence.

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  With a diameter of 1.3  cm, it is associated with a 925 silver hook.

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This jewelry is meticulously handcrafted in my workshop in Lyon,

by a technique of spinning and blowing glass with a torch then,

  oven annealed at 560 ° for optimum strength,

associated with the lightness of glass which is as solid as stone.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ If you have any questions please by and if she went on a trip,

I can make tailor-made galaxies, inspired by one of my models,

  but it will remain unique because they are not reproducible.

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   Artisanal and Made In Franc


Satisfied or refunded and guaranteed for one year!


  Thank you for your visit °)


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