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My heart...

My heart...

Anatomical Heart Necklace.


My heart ...


Human heart necklace.


Symbol of unconditional love, offering a part of yourself, my heart... takes on its full meaning for the person who wears it.


A human heart necklace, to give your heart or wear it, symbol of authentic love.


You won't find it anywhere else, each heart is handcrafted and is close to the model but remains unique, just like you.


Meticulously produced using a glass spinning technique with a blowtorch then annealed in the oven at 560° for optimum strength, associated with the lightness of the glass which is as solid as stone.


❤️ You can choose the channel:


° Black, gold, silver; Material: Brass.

°Golden, silvery; Material: Arg 925

°Black; Material: Arg 925 Rhodium plated


Chain length 45cm

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------

⭐Production time: 2 weeks minimum.


°If you have a deadline, do not hesitate to let me know.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

-Satisfied or refunded* and one-year warranty!

(*return costs are your responsibility)

 -Delivery times: 5 to 10 days.

Thank you for your visit😊.

Made in Lyon

Sillycat Glassblower






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Heart Necklace

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