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Andromeda Galaxy N 2031

Andromeda Galaxy N 2031

The Galaxy N2031 is inspired by the Galaxy M31 which is the Great Andromeda nebula, a spiral galaxies

closest to the Milky Way.


Galaxie N ° 94 is a unique work inspired by our galaxy, it does not exist anywhere else or maybe in another solar system because the universe that I made cannot be reproduced.


The Planet is an Opal gemstone and the stars are silver dust that I incorporated using a fuming technique.

It took me long research to obtain this result and it is a discovery with each galaxies carried out, like the birth of a new world.


From my glass rods I created a galaxy in an infinitely small globe, 1.8 cm in diameter and its color can change depending on the light that shines on it.


This jewelry meticulously handmade by a spinning and blowing technique of glass with a blowtorch then annealed in an oven at 560 ° for optimum strength, associated with the lightness of glass which is as solid as stone.


It is mounted with a black polyester collar, adjustable in length.


This jewelry can be worn by a man or a woman.


Glob diameter: 1.8cm

Weight: 5g


Satisfied or reimbursed and guaranteed for one year!



    94,00 €Price
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