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Galaxy Retractor

Galaxy Retractor

Custom Galaxy Retractor

✨Deadlines: 1 month, for production.

The Universe is listening to take a trip under the stars.✨

✨I create Galaxy spacers to order and tailor-made in the size and color of your wish.

Because we each have our own universe,

I suggest you create a galaxy that corresponds to the Universe of your choice.

You have the choice:

°Two colors maximum with a diameter of 10 to 15 mm

°Three colors maximum for other diameters with a background (example black or white, red, etc.).

✨You can choose one spacer or two spacers that will make a pair

✨You also have the possibility to choose their name, in number or in letter which will be a symbol for you that I write inside the box.

✨The spacers in the photo, 15mm in diameter, have already gone on a trip,

it was a custom order.

✨Once the creation is complete, I will send you a photo for your approval.

✨Deadlines: 1 month for production from the day of the order (not including delivery time), plus one day for the photo that I send you✨

✨ You can pay in 4 installments via PayPal.

✨ The creation is sent in a box:

“I Offer You the Universe”

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

sizes can range from 8mm to 40mm

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

This jewelry is carefully made by hand in my workshop in Lyon,

by a technique of spinning and blowing glass with a blowtorch then,

annealed in the oven at 560° for optimum strength,

associated with the lightness of glass which is as solid as stone.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

Do not hesitate to contact me directly on my site or

by Email: or

by telephone at:

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back* and one-year warranty!

*return costs are your responsibility.

*shipping costs and credit card fees are not refunded

(paypal 2.9%+0.35e, stripe 1.4%+0.25e),

*20% will not be refunded as this takes into account my investment.

*this only applies to custom creations.

✨14 days to change your mind.

Thank you for your visit°)

Sillycat Glassblower

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