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Yellow Rose Necklace

Yellow Rose Necklace

Yellow Rose Necklace

Yellow Rose Necklace


A Flower held in a drop of glass so that its beauty reflects eternity.

Nature is most beautiful in its element so why not recreate it so you can wear it without damaging it.


This rose was made using a spinning and glass blowing technique to create this three-dimensional rose in the glass drop.


This pink ring is a unique work that cannot be reproduced identically but if it went on a trip, I can take inspiration from it and you can,

ask me by Email:


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necklace: in 925 silver.


Ring size: 45.


Rose diameter: 1.6cm


This pink ring is light and as strong as a glass marble.


I send it in a black box.


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If you have any questions you can contact me by email:



Artisanal and Made in Lyon


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Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back* and one-year warranty!


(*return costs are your responsibility)


Thank you for your visit°)


Sillycat Glassblower


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