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Small Blue Mushroom Necklace

Small Blue Mushroom Necklace

Small Blue Mushroom Necklace



This small blue mushroom picked in the enchanted forest is a symbol of longevity, wisdom, union and according to legend it has magical powers.


Mushrooms are on earth long before us and have so much to teach us, whether terrestrial or aquatic, they play a vital role in the ecology of the planet by recycling dead organic matter.


This mushroom necklace was made in my workshop in Lyon using a blowtorch glass spinning and inclusion technique.


You will not find anywhere else this mushroom is a unique work.


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Necklace: black polyester cord


necklace length: 45cm


diameter of the mushroom drop: 1.1 cm


light jewelry and as solid as a glass marble.


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If this creation is no longer available, I can take inspiration from it and you can ask me for it.

by email:


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Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back* and one-year warranty!

(return costs are your responsibility)


Thank you for your visit°)


Sillycat Glassblower




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