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Tree Necklace

Tree Necklace

A miniature tree in a drop of water, between two worlds.


Nature is more beautiful in its element, so why not create it so you can wear it without damaging it!


The tree is in a drop of glass which is not completely full because there is a vacuum at the level of its trunk as if the oxygen of the tree created this bubble of air essential to life.


This work is a unique piece that you will not find anywhere else.

Light and solid at the same time, it will match each of your outfits.



This jewel was developed in my workshop and handcrafted with a blowtorch using a glass spinning technique.
All my creations are annealed in the oven for optimum strength.

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the Tree is associated with a 925 silver necklace.


Glass drop diameter: 17mm


Glass drop height: 28mm




Satisfied or refunded* .

(*return costs are your responsibility)


Thank you for your visit.


Sillycat Glassblower


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