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Unisex Galaxy Bracelet

Unisex Galaxy Bracelet

Unisex Galaxy Bracelet


I offer you the universe collection.


"So that you cross the time and the space carried by your Universe."


Galaxie N ° 90 is a unique work inspired by our galaxy, it does not exist anywhere else or maybe in another solar system because the universe that I created cannot be reproduced.


Colors vary depending on brightness.


The Planet is a precious stone, the Opal and the stars are silver dust that I have incorporated by a fuming technique.

It took me a lot of research to obtain this result and it is a discovery with each galaxies made, like the birth of a new world.


With my glass rods I created a galaxy in an infinitely small globe, 1.3cm in diameter.


This jewelry has been meticulously made by hand by a technique of spinning and blowing glass with a torch then annealed in an oven at 560 ° for optimum strength, associated with the lightness of the glass which is as solid as stone.

It is associated with a black polyester bracelet, which I braided using a Cobra type technique, used for the design of survival bracelets, which allows you to have your world of help around your wrist.


Made in my workshop in Lyon, I invite you to find out more about my job:


Adjustable in length: Wrist size from 16 to 23 cm


This jewelry can be worn by a man or a woman.


Satisfied or refunded and guaranteed for one year!


Thank you for your visit °)


  • Collection I Offer you the Universe

    I offer you the universe collection.

    Collection I offer you the Universe

    It was born from a passion for the elusive, this mysterious and poetic universe which reminds us of the essentials of our existence.
    A way of being able to offer, to give the most beautiful, a message, always aiming for the moon because even if we fall it will be in the stars.

    I am also a great romantic who through my creations want to convey a message of love which is for me the essence of life.


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