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Souffleur de verre Lyon

"Hello and welcome to my world"

Sillycat Glassblower

-Who is it? What's this?

My name is Vanessa

I have been a craftsman for over 10 years.
I fell in love with glass in 2001, at the Lycée Dorian in Paris where
I obtained my Brevet des Métiers d’Art
Glass blower with blowtorch.

Creator of poetic, galactic, magical jewelry.

From different universes which also represent sky, earth, water and humans, four elements of life.

I like the idea of ​​being able to travel, dream, transmit a message through my creations or your creations because, I also create custom-made jewelry and glass objects.

“A piece of jewelry that takes on its full meaning for the person who wears it.”

“I offer you the Universe”

Inspired by our universe, I wanted to offer the possibility of offering the elusive galaxy, so magical and poetic.

Carry his universe, his world in a small, unique glass globe,

just like you, because it cannot be reproduced.


"My heart..."

I am a great romantic, offering a part of yourself, a human heart necklace,

for authentic love.

“The Enchanted Forest”

​This Forest is filled with magic, fantastic jewelry like the necklace

phoenix egg or the small chewable apple earrings freshly picked from the tree of life.

To participate in a more ecological and responsible world,

I recycle glass bottles

by transforming them  into a water reservoir for your plants.

 An ecological, economical and united gift idea


because for each thirsty 1 euro is donated to


the Lyon Association "Just a gesture".


thank you for your visit


If you want to know more click on Blog.

réservoir d'eau pour les plantes
réservoir d'eau pour les plantes
réservoir d'eau pour les plantes
réservoir d'eau pour les plantes
réservoir d'eau pour les plantes
Glassblower Lyon

Where to find jewelry and glass objects from Sillycat Glassblower in Lyon ?

To find out where to find my creations click on the link below

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